cargo protectionJMP Indonesia sells a wide range of cargo protection products. JMP Indonesia is one of Indonesia Cargo Protection products tradding. we sell all of you need about cargo protection.

JMP Indonesia offers cargo protection systems for all modes of
transportation, tailored to decrease in-transit load shift and resulting product damage.  Our lightweight, user friendly solutions offer superior product protection at a lower average cost per load.

JMP Indonesia provides on-site analyses to determine which products will enable you to meet your goals and objectives. JMP Indonesia is the best choice to address your cargo securement challenges.

Cargo protection, protection of cargo against any kind of unlawful threat. The aim of cargo security is to prevent any of the following entering restricted areas or on board vessels.

  • any kind of dangerous materials, weapons and instruments that could be used for malice against personnel, vessels or harbors
  • any cargo not authorized for shipment

Shippers must  ensure that the cargo is protected from the point of loading to the container yard at arrival.

JMP Indonesia cargo protection products:

  • Thermal Blanket
  • Dunnage Air Bag
  • Lashing
  • Strecth Film
  • Bubble Pack
  • Container Cargo net
  • Strapping Band
  • Security Seals
  • OPP Packaging Tape

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