Woven Dunnage Bags



Woven Dunnage Bags protect your valuable freight against sliding, falling down or falling over. They ensure optimal transport security while shipping goods by train, ship or truck. Security during transport is even insured in case of the Woven Dunnage Bags multiple use.

The air-filled inner bag od our Woven Dunnage Bags ensures density even under high pressure. The outer bag is made of resilient polypropylene and is resistant to most chemical solvents, caustics and acids. The specifically designed and self-closing venturi valve of these dunnage bags guarantees easy and safe filling with air.

Besides standard sizes and strengths of the outer bag of Woven Dunnage Bags, we can offer our Woven Dunnage Bags dunnage bags according to your individual specifications. In doing so we analyze the requirements of your load, for example weight, carrier or climatic conditions during transport. These steps help to determine your ideal Woven Dunnage Bags with optimal price-performance ratio.

Woven Dunnage Bags Anda Bisa dapatkan di JMP Indonesia dengan berbagai macam manfaatnya yaitu

  • Quicker and easier securing in containers, railcars and ships – ease of use
  • High puncture resistance
  • High moisture resistance
  • AAR Approved
  • Fast inflation valve/technology available
  • Edge valve available


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