Edge Board



Edge Board

Our edgeboards in combination with stretch foil, shrink wrap and strapping guarantee that you will have the perfect edge protection for your product. By using Eltete edgeboard, you will benefit from a series of measurable advantages during shipping, handling and storage.


  • replaces expensive packaging material
  • savings in materials and labour
  • is environmentally friendly
  • can be sent all over the world without any need for extra treatment, such as the fumigation required for wooden material
  • allows you to optimise your transport space by double-stacking
  • strengthens your package and minimises transport damage


Types and quality

Our edgeboards are made from a high-quality reusable carton board. They can be delivered either in Bio- or Heat-sealed qualities with a variety of surfaces perfect for each requirement, ensuring safe transport without damage to their products.

  • Bio Kraft – Laminated with a water-soluble glue under high pressure to produce a highly stable profile element.
  • HS (heat-sealed) – Excellent protection against moisture and dampness. Offers superb stability even with major fluctuations in moisture levels.
  • Printed – Company names, logos and advertisements can easily be printed during the manufacturing process.
  • Self-adhesive – Packaging is easier thanks to its excellent and strong adhesive.

Egde Kraft                                   Hear-Sealed                               White Printed                               Self-Adhesive

Applications in different industries

Our edgeboards, also known as corner protectors, corner boards, angle boards or edge protectors, are used in a wide variety of industries, such as steel, aluminium, beverages, doors and windows, electronics, paper, consumer goods, personal care and also in the agricultural sector. The possibilities are endless! To find the right product for your purposes, we can test the strapping and compression strength in order to find the right solution for you.

  • Agriculture
  • Mineral wool industry
  • Aluminium industry
  • Steel industry




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