Single Wall Corrugated

  • Plain corrugated sheets of cardboard
  • Manufactured from single wall cardboard
  • B flute board, available in brown only
  • Each sheet is approximately 3mm in thickness, good for making pallets more sturdy and protecting edges
  • Available in a range of widths and lengths


About Single Wall Cardboard Sheets

Kite Packaging’s lineup of cardboard sheets includes both single wall and double wall cardboard sheets, each with their own respective advantages. For customers seeking a durable, inexpensive packing product, we highly recommend our single wall cardboard sheets, perfect for use as dividers and supplemental protection.

Thanks to our budget-friendly approach to business, we offer a range of bulk pricing discounts to customers placing larger orders. Additionally, our wholesale prices are available to large businesses interested in high-volume transactions. Whatever your project, the experts at Kite Packaging are there to help. Feel free to contact our talented team of service professionals if you have any questions about our single wall corrugated cardboard sheets. We look forward to hearing from you. You can discover and buy the perfect single wall cardboard sheet for your business or project on our website today!

Additional information about our single wall cardboard is detailed below.

Product Details

Each sheet is brown and roughly 3mm in thickness. The fluting runs along the width of the sheet (the 2nd dimension in the table).

Uses Of Single Wall Cardboard Sheets

Single wall cardboard sheets are an inexpensive, useful addition to any packing facility. Cardboard sheets are used when packing cartons to protect and separate layers of products, adding a little extra protection when packaging awkward and fragile goods. Single wall corrugated cardboard can be bent to add extra protection to edges and corners, particularly when strapping and pallet wrap is to be used.

Use single wall corrugated cardboard sheets to reinforce envelopes to keep sensitive documents flat on their journey through the post, or to add support to packaged paper products such as calendars and art prints. Cardboard sheets can even be used in the folding and presentation of clothing and textiles, for example shirts, sheets and bedding.

Corrugated sheets are often used as layer pads, interleaving between layers of products stacked on a pallet for additional stability.

Single wall cardboard is the perfect choice for individuals looking to add additional protection to their cardboard packing products. Thanks to a durable corrugated design, our single wall cardboard can protect items in situations where objects do not need to withstand large amounts of pressure or weight. Single wall cardboard is an inexpensive, powerful choice for shipping and packing.

How Are Single Wall Cardboard Sheets Made ?

Our corrugated single wall cardboard is made using B-Flute cardboard, which features lower flute heights than A-Flute cardboard and an increased number of contact points per foot. B-Flute cardboard is ideal for high-speed packing operations and is commonly used as pads, dividers and partitions. B-Flute corrugated cardboard sheets have excellent resistance to puncturing and requires less space in warehouses and factories.

We supply a wide selection of sizes of corrugated cardboard sheets, all held in stock available for next day delivery. If you cannot find the exact size you require, single wall corrugated cardboard can be easily cut to size with a Stanley knife.


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