Bulk Bag FIBCS

Not all bags are created equal…

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Whether you’re a maker of consumer foods or an importer/exporter of large consignments of commodities, your requirements are neither too big, nor too small for us. And we have a product in our portfolio that meets your exact needs.
Maker of corrosive chemicals? No problem! Our VCI packaging solutions let you transport your wares safely and efficiently. Looking for specialty Geo Textiles for road-building and similar applications? We’ve got just the thing for you! In fact we also make a range of products that aid in water conservation and the efficient, hygienic and cost-effective transportation of water!
Each of our products is customized to your needs, while putting in our best to make them strong reliable and eco friendly

Most Common Uses:
Chemical, Cement, Grain, Construction, Mining industry supplies, Dangerous goods, Mineral sands, Building and landscaping supplies, Agricultural fertilizers and seeds, Resins and polymers, Range of food products and
other powder and granular materials. Most client’s also take our Bulk Bag liners
and our polypropylene woven sacks.