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Paper Slip Sheet

Kraft Paper Slip Sheet (also known as transfer sheets, divider sheets, tear sheets) are made of wet-strengthened high-quality kraft liner. The multilaminated material makes the Slip Sheets extremely tear- and moisture-resistant. They can be used as a substitute for traditional pallets or as divider sheets.

This transport and storing system is an excellent application for overseas shipments and intra-corporate deliveries. Slip Sheets are used by many different businesses for a wide range of products.

How to move cargo with slip sheet 

push image pull image lift image








push pull device 1 push pull device 2






it works to any forklift


Comparison Slip Sheet vs Pallets

comparison slip sheet vs pallet






Many companies across the world are saving considerable amounts of money by using slip sheets. By converting suppliers from shipping on wooden pallets to shipping on slip sheets some companies are capable of reducing their packaging and transportation costs by over a million dollars annually.

Slip sheets cost less than pallets; weigh less, saving transport costs; and are only a fraction the thickness of pallets, thus increasing space and improving the efficiency of truck loading. These companies can then reuse the slip sheets when distributing goods to their own customers.

Size :

1. (100+1000+100) x (100+1200+100) x 0.6mm
Capacity Load : 1 Ton