Loading Ramp


Loading Ramp

What is Loading Ramp?

Dynamic Mobile Yard Ramp is best assistance for your loading-unloading application, without any special new constructions or buildings system provides a loading facilities to clients.
Our special designed mobile yard ramps offer the flexibility easy to use properties also make an essential contribution to optimising your logistics process.

Features and Benefit UP-Ramp :

  1. Two moveable lip design facilitate the free lateral floating when the truck box floor move up and down.
  2. Two hydraulic retractable leg help to sustain the passage of heavy load during operation.
  3. Two solid tyres provide excellent traction without worry of puncture.
  4. The end bracket enable our yard ramp to be towable by forklift.
  5. Capacity : 6ton, 10ton, 15ton.
  6. Steel grating on the slope floor prevent the forklift from slipping back during operation.
  7. Top flat table is made of anti-skid steel plate.
  8. We use Italy “OILTEC” hydraulic pump and it enable our yard ramp to be operated manually with great ease, eliminating the need for electrical operation.
  9. Tapered lip edge provide a smooth transition between container and ramp.
  10. Two safety chain secure the fixing between ramp and truck box.
  11. Hydraulic pump adjust the ramp to the desired position.
  12. Guard rail (curb) provide safety and direction for forklift movement.
  13. Can be 3-side loading or 2-side loading by adding lip on sides.
  14. Two rubber bumper absorb the shock between truck box and ramp.
  15. The dimension for every part can be customized to suit to actual demand.

CAP.10 Ton
Forklift Cap 3 Ton
Ajjustable Height 1.2 – 1.65m
Weight 3200 kg

CAP.15 Ton
Forklift Cap 5 Ton
Ajjustable Height 1.2 – 1.65m
Weight 3600 kg

loading ramp


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